Frequently Asked Questions
For your convenience, we’ve listed some frequently asked questions and their answers below. Please reach out to us with any additional questions and we’ll be happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction sets us apart.

We prioritize communication and transparency throughout the entire construction process.

Examples: “Seawalls near me”, “Docks near me”, or “Boat lifts near me”


We serve all of Southwest Florida, including Lee County, Charlotte County, and Collier County.

Please contact us or search “marine contractors near me” to inquire if we serve your location.

We specialize in a range of marine construction services including docks, decks, seawalls, boat lifts, canopies, and more!


Yes, we handle all necessary permits and ensure compliance with local regulations for our marine construction projects.


Yes, and we have swiftly emerged as a top choice for numerous contractors in Southwest Florida.
Reach out to us today at 239-841-9674 to discover how we can assist with your marine construction project.

Answering this question accurately requires more information about your specific project. Essentially, the completion timeline is tailored to each project's unique requirements. However, three primary factors influence completion dates:

  • Permitting:
    Obtaining necessary permits is a crucial step in the construction process. The duration for permitting can vary significantly depending on the project complexity. While some permits may be secured within a week, others may take one to two months. At Crocker Marine, we diligently manage the permitting process to expedite it wherever possible, minimizing delays.
  • Weather:
    Florida's unpredictable weather patterns can impact construction schedules. Ensuring the safety of our team members is paramount, and we take precautions during inclement weather conditions. While we strive to meet project deadlines, we prioritize the well-being of our staff to avoid any potential risks.
  • Project Specifics:
    Each project presents its own set of challenges and requirements. While some projects can be completed within two weeks, others with unique specifications may take significantly longer, ranging from 8 to 12 months from contract signing to project completion. During our initial consultation, we'll provide a more detailed timeline tailored to your project's specific needs.


In summary, the completion timeline varies depending on project intricacies, permitting processes, and external factors such as weather conditions. Rest assured, we're committed to delivering your project efficiently while prioritizing safety and quality.

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