Enhance Your Investment with Quality Marine Canopies

A boat of any size or age is a major investment, and marine canopies play a crucial role in the protection of your investment.

Crocker Marine Services partners with a local, trusted vendor to provide our customers with the most structurally sound design and construction of marine canopies. Our preferred style is the Radius Varandah Beam which consists of a 24-inch overhang that gives your boat maximized sun and rain protection. The wind resistance and general durability of this product is exceptional.


Transform Your Outdoor Space with Tiki Huts

We offer services in a wide array of home improvement categories such as tikis for your backyard, pool, or dock. Are you looking for a tiki hut builder in Southwest Florida and surrounding areas? Whether you need tiki huts for your commercial establishment, or just want to make your backyard feel like paradise, our vendor, Southern Cross, is Florida’s top choice for all your tiki needs.

If you are interested in new construction, re-thatching, repair, or fireproofing,

contact us to learn more about Florida tiki huts.